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Are you an India based or internationally established astrologer who is looking for the right astrology web design company to give your offline astrology business an online face? Do you want people to find your services not only in newspapers and magazines but also on the internet? Is a user-friendly and responsive astrology website is what you are looking for? If yes, then give yourself a pat on the back, because you are at the right place. Vega Moon Technologies is a boutique and versatile website designing company for astrologers in India with the knack for stunning and digitally advanced websites that speak for themselves. In the short span of 5 years, we have established our solid niche as one of the most sought-after digital firms for astrology website design and development services.

Most Popular and? Reputed Astrology Website Design Company in India

With the change in time astrology services have gone online just like any other business nowadays. People will call their astrologers and consult online for astrological solutions. Even they like to chat and book appointments online from their favorite astrologer. Even the payments are online. So if you are still running your astrology centre the old way we can help you get online with our mobile friendly and responsive websites? so that you are more reachable.

Today astrology and horoscope are the two most searched topics on the internet.

Surveys suggest that currently, there are approximately 5 million web pages related to astrology.

Estimates detail that there are nearly 38 million people who invest approximately $44 billion annually on astrology and horoscope services.

In India, approximately 95% of the household believes in astrology.

The astrology market has increased by at least 7%-15% year on year growth by 2016.

With such a magnificent growth in the field of astrology online, its high time you dig a bit deeper and start advertising and promoting your astrology business online with the professional expertise of Vega Moon Technologies.

Vega Moon Technologies Website Designing and Development Services for Astrologers

Vega Moon Technologies has a track record of custom designing and developing over 300 astrology websites all of them are tailor-made to impeccably fulfil the respective needs and requirements of our national and international astrologers.

Technical Expertise

Our expert know-how of various development platforms and designing software, branding, advertising, video product, search engine optimization [seo], Google AdWords [ppc], digital marketing, website and mobile app development solutions have helped us gain the trust of more than 150+ astrologers in over 15 countries around the world.


Keeping our clients in loop from the initial stage of the project commencing from the aesthetics, layout designing to the final launch of the website, we have always followed a very transparent way of working with our clients.

Talented Manpower

Backed by the expertise of a talented, trained and skilled pool of experts who are well-versed and attuned with the ins and outs of a successful astrology website designing and development, our clients always get beyond their expectations.

Why Astrologers Need a User-Friendly and Responsive Website?

With over 198 million internet users, India is the 3rd largest online marketing hub. Therefore, India is considered one of the best markets for promoting your business and fetching the required exposure.

Aware your customers of your services
Showcase your credibility
Promote your business online
Expand your reach

Aware your customers of your services
Showcase your credibility
Promote your business online
Expand your reach

What Makes Vega Moon Technologies the Best Astrology Website Design Company in India?

We undertake the latest technologies to build stellar digital experiences
Our websites are creative, interactive and informative to grab the attention of the customers
We keep up with the latest trends in web design, UX and UI

Our websites are user-friendly and responsive
We have an experienced staff, specialized in the design and development of astrology websites
Cost-effective solutions
On-time website delivery

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We have completed 400+ astrology related websites & handle over the 500+ Adwords accounts.

We offer all services related to internet marketing e.g. Website Design, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Google AdWords & Facebook Ads.

You can call & Whatsapp: +91- 96965 85260 or you can fill the form, we will send you an affordable quotation.

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